AISL Harrow Schools Lead the Way in KingLead International School Rankings

The Year of the Dragon brought us exciting news when KingLead, a highly recognised educational resources and service platform, unveiled its latest International School Rankings.

The AISL Harrow family of schools across key cities in mainland China occupied top positions in KingLead’s China International School Innovative Competitiveness Top 100 and China International School Brand Value Top 100. These prestigious awards demonstrate our strong dedication to providing Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership, driving us to uphold the highest education standards.

KingLead China International School Innovative Competitiveness Top 100

The following schools were recognised for their success in innovation, based on core indicators, including their international certification competitiveness, faculty competitiveness, social influence, and experts’ assessment. It is great news that Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai has been listed in the top 100 in its first year of opening.

Schools for Children of Foreign Personnel Top 50

School Ranking
Harrow International School Beijing 4
Harrow International School Shanghai 7
Harrow International School Shenzhen Qianhai 9
Harrow International School Haikou 21

Private International Schools Personnel Top 50

School Ranking
Harrow Hong Kong Children Shenzhen Qianhai 38

KingLead China International School Brand Value Top 100

Four of our Harrow LiDe Schools were named top 100 for their strong brand presence across the country. The schools were evaluated based on various factors including teacher quality, certifications, industry and social influence.

School Ranking
Harrow LiDe School Haikou 44
Harrow LiDe School Chongqing 48
Harrow LiDe School Hengqin 50
Harrow LiDe School Nanning 56

The remarkable accomplishments of AISL Harrow Schools serve as compelling evidence of their holistic educational approach and exceptional teaching qualities. These achievements reaffirm our unwavering commitment to shaping the future by delivering educational excellence.

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