AISL Offers a Winter Outdoor Education Experience through Strategic Partner AISL Outdoor

With the arrival of the captivating white season at Appi Kogen in Japan, AISL Education Group recently provided a holistic and enriching educational experience for children from all over the world outside of their classroom through a curated winter camp organised by the Group’s strategic partner and service provider AISL Outdoor.

AISL Offers a Winter Outdoor Education Experience through Strategic Partner AISL Outdoor

Appi Kogen, where Harrow International School Appi Japan is located, is acclaimed for its world-class ski facilities and fine powder snow in the white season. Young adventurers had the opportunity to master skiing and snowboarding skills at Japan’s best ski resort and take part in a range of fun-filled activities during the six-day camp.

Participants received expert guidance tailored to their skill levels. No matter they were beginners or experienced individuals, the personalised sessions fostered their interest and confidence and supported them to reach new levels of mastery.

An array of activities, including a snow fort battle, snowshoeing, star gazing, snow cave construction and a campfire, also provided learning opportunities in nature and, of course, great fun. The excitement reached its peak with the Appi Winter Olympics where participants showcased their newly acquired skills in skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. A family version of the camp was also on offer for parents to enjoy a memorable bonding time with their children.

At AISL, we believe vital learning takes place outside of the classroom. These outdoor education programmes enable us to live Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership to the fullest through transformative experiences that foster a lifelong passion to learn, personal growth and a sense of adventure.