AISL Harrow Admissions and Marketing Conference Inaugurated to Support Continuous Development of Staff

AISL Harrow Schools has held firm to its vision of educational excellence, which cannot be achieved without a concomitant staff commitment to that same excellence. At AISL, we are dedicated to cultivating a staff-centric culture where they are valued, respected and encouraged to do their best. We are delighted to share that the very first AISL Harrow Admissions and Marketing Conference was held earlier this month to promote continuous learning and professional growth, with a special focus on building excellence in parent experience.

The two-day training programme saw marketing and admissions representatives from our AISL Harrow Family of Schools getting together on the campus of Harrow LiDe School Hengqin where staff members had the opportunity to learn from external professionals and subject experts within the Group through the sharing of best practices, group activities, and a comprehensive workshop.

Worthy of a special note, the AISL Education Group A&M Excellence Awards Ceremony was held during the conference to recognise the exceptional achievements of school teams, for we believe that our people are key to our success.

Apart from reinforcing our culture of excellence and celebrating great work, the conference was also vital in fostering team bonding across schools and building a supportive work community. Get a glimpse into the highlights of the conference through the video below:

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to every participant for their diligent efforts and contributions day in and day out, and we look forward to reaching a new level of excellence in the coming year.