Shaping the Future of International Education: Highlights from the 2024 ASEAN Conference

AISL Group hosted the highly anticipated 2024 International Education Development Conference at Harrow LiDe School Nanning. Co-organised by Harrow LiDe School Nanning and Harrow International School Bangkok, and supported by the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs Association (APEA), this momentous event brought together educators, thought leaders and representatives from China and ASEAN countries, reaffirming our commitment to shaping the future of internationalised education in the region.

The conference, held on 30 March 2024, marked a significant milestone for AISL Group as we continue to stay at the forefront of educational development, driven by our forward-looking personality, global perspective, and innovative spirit.

Under the theme of ‘Innovative and Integrated Education for a Brighter Future’, the objectives of the conference aligned with our vision to deliver ‘Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership.’ We aimed to promote regional collaboration opportunities, explore innovative approaches to education, and shape the future of internationalised education in China and ASEAN countries.

The conference was graced by top educators, education group representatives, consulate generals, and thought leaders from China and ASEAN countries. Nearly 300 participants engaged in thought-provoking keynote speeches and panel discussions on various topics such as overseas education programmes, partnership on research projects, joint development of curriculum and talent cultivation.

Another highlight of the conference was the visit to renowned educational institutions in Thailand on 2 Apr 2024. Around 30 conference participants visited Harrow International School Bangkok, Samchaiwitaedsuksa School and Assumption University in Bangkok. This visit further fostered the exchange of ideas and experiences, strengthening the ties between AISL Group and the educational community in ASEAN countries.

At AISL Group, we remain steadfast in our commitment to educational excellence and making a positive impact in the education industry in China and ASEAN countries. The success of the 2024 International Education Development Conference is a testament to our dedication and the value we place on staying at the forefront of educational practices. By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and exploring new horizons in education, we strive to shape the future of education and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.