AISL Harrow Schools Debuts a Brand Video for Harrow LiDe Schools

AISL Education Group has been building flagships of high-quality education with a forward-looking approach through diverse curricula and university pathways offered by the AISL Harrow Family of Schools: Harrow International Schools, Harrow LiDe Schools, Harrow Hong Kong Children School and Harrow Little Lions Kindergartens.

Among these, Harrow LiDe Schools are curated specially for Chinese students, equipping them with international qualifications, bilingual skills, knowledge, and personal attributes required to thrive as individuals, learners and leaders in schools, world-renowned universities and beyond. Since 2020, the Group has established five Harrow LiDe Schools in key cities including Beijing, Chongqing, Haikou, Nanning, and Hengqin.

As Harrow LiDe Schools entered their third year of operation, a thorough review of the education being offered has been undertaken, drawing on evidence of the impact on student learning, emerging research, and stakeholder perspectives. A refined curriculum and pedagogical approaches were introduced in September 2023.

A new brand video was produced to illustrate the essence of the refined Harrow LiDe curriculum and showcase the exceptional qualities possessed by our students in Harrow LiDe Schools. Forging the 450-year heritage of Harrow School in the UK, Harrow LiDe Schools are defined by their commitment to fostering academic excellence, bilingualism, and holistic development, all whilst upholding the students' Chinese identity. A Harrow LiDe education leads to access to top universities worldwide including Oxbridge and Ivy League.