AISL Harrow Scholarships 2023/25 Winners Announced

After rigorous three-month evaluation,the result of 2023/25 AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme is finally out. Heading into the third year, the programme has drawn rousing responses globally - out of nearly 400 applications, 13 applicants were short-listed for interviews and finally, 5 successful candidates have outplayed the intense competition and are awarded with the opportunity to gain full access to Harrow's two-year A-Level programme - a values-based education that provides 'Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership'.

AISL is delighted to announce that the 2023/2025 awardees of the AISL Harrow Scholarships are:

These awardees have demonstrated remarkable academic performance and a strong commitment to co-curricular school life. Moreover, they have exhibited leadership capabilities and a commitment to service activities, proving their potential to embody Harrow’s core values – Courage, Humility, Fellowship, and Honour.

‘The performances of the five scholars are more than impressive!’, expressed by Dr Rosanna Wong, the Chairman of AISL. She welcomed our new scholars on behalf of the AISL Harrow Community, ‘I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new members, and we all look forward to seeing them excel in and out of the classroom.’

Sharing From Young Scholars

I will keep studying hard, being passionate, and trying my best to make positive contributions to the community. Thanks so much for the generosity and support Harrow has offered me with.

Audrey Yunhan G.
AISL Harrow Haikou

From the day I wrote my personal statement, I have enthusiastically looked forward to becoming a part of Harrow School’s amicable community of new friends and faculty. As a result, I am grateful and honoured to have received the prestigious AISL Harrow Scholarship, as it would open countless opportunities to pursue first-rate education on my areas of interest and build lasting bonds with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Swan Tayza A.
AISL Harrow Bangkok

When I first applied to this scholarship, I was not confident enough to stand out among all the bright students. As I progressed through the rounds of evaluations, I get more excited at the prospect of getting this scholarship. I will do my utmost to be deserving of this scholarship.

KarKar Soe Thway K.
AISL Harrow Bangkok

I am overjoyed to have the wonderful opportunity to study at Harrow Hong Kong. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and hope to make the most of it by bringing honour and glory to the School.

Bob Pok Ho W.
AISL Harrow Hong Kong

Being admitted to the AISL Harrow scholarship programme is a fantastic opportunity to both explore a new culture and broaden my knowledge. Harrow Hong Kong has a solid and great academic curriculum. I am very much looking forward to joining the community. With this opportunity, I hope to be a great addition to the School.

Sirawat J.
AISL Harrow Hong Kong

Congratulatory Messages From Principals

I am delighted to be welcoming Audrey back to our Harrow Haikou community. Having spent almost 2 years here on her academics, and leading Churchill as the House Prefect, I know she has the drive and ability to not only succeed in her A-level and university aspirations but also to be a role model both within our 6th Form and to our younger students. Congratulations on being awarded the AISL 6th Form Scholarship!

Mr Alex Ward
Deputy Head of AISL Harrow Haikou

We extend our warmest congratulations to Bob and Chess who have been awarded the prestigious AISL scholarship to Harrow Hong Kong. This award recognises pupils of the highest calibre and to be selected from an extremely strong set of candidates from around the world is to their immense credit. We are very much looking forward to welcoming Bob and Chess to Harrow and we know that they will contribute hugely to our school community and will strive for educational excellence in all their endeavours. Well done indeed!

Ms Ann Haydon Ms Ann Haydon
School Head of AISL Harrow Hong Kong

About the AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme

Establishing the AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme is another milestone in AISL Harrow's long history of educational excellence. The Programme seeks to enhance the diversity of the AISL Harrow community by attracting academically gifted students from around the world. The scholarships give students the chance to experience all that a Harrow education affords: Excellence in and out of the classroom, the development of leadership skills, and a commitment to service.

Through the AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme, AISL is proud to be giving back to the global community, extending the availability of an excellent AISL Harrow education to students from around the world, allowing them access to a prestigious British education and, subsequently, to top universities.

As exemplified by the AISL Harrow scholars, graduates leave with a strong foundation of being capable, confident and caring, along with their well-rounded skillset and holistic nature, equipping them to become future leaders.

Alongside the AISL Harrow Scholarships, the individual Harrow-branded schools in Asia also provide scholarship opportunities for gifted students. To learn more, please visit scholarships page.